Software in Memorial 3245, 2013-14

This lab has only Macs.
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The software version follows the name of the software.

Class Specific JMU Apps
  Adobe Illustrator  CS4
  Adobe Photoshop  CS6.5*
  Alice  3.1
  ArcExplorer for Education  2.3
  Fathom  2.1
  Final Cut Pro  10
  FlipShare  5.x
  Geometer's SketchPad  5
  Handbrake  0.9.9
  Inspiration  9.x
  Inspire Data  1.5b
  Kidspiration  3.0
  MDID MediaViewer  1.02.5
  MathType Fonts  6.9
  Pepper Fonts  n/a
  SMART Notebook  11.1
  Safari  6.0.4 or latest
  Scratch  1.4
  Burn  2.5.x
  Camtasia Relay  4.3.0
  Color Printer  
  DivX Plus Codecs  9.x
  Fetch  5.7.x
  FireFox  17.x ESR
  Google Chrome  27.x
  Google Earth  7.x
  Microsoft Lync Client  2011
  Microsoft Office  2011
  OSX  10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  Office AddIn - ClipArt  
  Office AddIn - Microsoft Graph  
  Office AddIn - Solver  
  Plugin - Adobe Acrobat Reader  11.x
  Plugin - Adobe Flash Player  11.x
  Plugin - Adobe Shockwave Player  12.x
  Plugin - FlipforMac  3.1
  Plugin - Java Runtime  7.x
  Plugin - Quicktime Player  Mac: v10.2 PC: v7
  Plugin - RealPlayer  PC:16.x Mac 12.x
  Plugin - XviD  1.3.2
  Remote Desktop Client  2.x
  Respondus Lockdown Browser
  SKYPE  6.5.0.x
  SPSS  21
  Second Life  3.5.x
  Text Wrangler  4.x
  The Unarchiver  3.7.x
  Trimble Sketchup  13.x
  TrueCrypt  7.1x
  VLC Media Player  2.0.x
  Wireshark  1.8.6
  Xcode Developer Tools  4.6.x
  iBooks Author  2
  iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand)  11

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