Software in East Campus Library ATL 1204 (PC), 2015-16

This lab has only PC's.
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The software version follows the name of the software.

Class Specific JMU Apps
  Adobe Acrobat Professional  11*
  Amos  23
  Dragon Naturally Speaking  11.5
  G95 FORTRAN Compiler  0.9
  JAWS Screen Reader  14*
  Kurzweil 3000 Professional (Color)  13
  LaTEX  2.9.x
  MDID MediaViewer  1.02.6
  MathType Fonts  6.9
  Pepper Fonts  n/a
  R  3.2.0
  RFM  4.0
  SMART Notebook  15.x
  SciTE  2.23
  ZoomText Xtra  10
  Adaptex  2.9x
  FireFox  31.x ESR
  Google Chrome  42.x
  Google Earth  7.x
  HTML-Kit  292
  Internet Explorer  11.x
  Maple  2015
  MatLab  2015a
  Mathematica  10.1
  Microsoft Office  2013
  Microsoft Windows  7
  Notepad++  6.7.7
  Office AddIn - Analysis Toolpack and Toolpack VBA  2013
  Office AddIn - ClipArt  
  Office AddIn - Microsoft Graph  
  Office AddIn - Solver  
  Paint.NET  3.5.10
  Plugin - Adobe Acrobat Reader  DC 2015
  Plugin - Adobe Flash Player  17.x
  Plugin - Adobe Shockwave Player  12.x
  Plugin - Java Runtime  8.x
  Plugin - Microsoft Silverlight  5.x
  Plugin - Quicktime Player  v7
  Plugin - Windows Media Player  11.x
  Plugin - XviD  1.3.3
  Putty  .64
  Respondus Lockdown Browser  1.7.10
  SAS  9.4
  SKYPE  7.x
  SPSS  23
  Trimble Sketchup Make  2015
  Universal Extractor  1.6.x
  VLC Media Player  2.2.x
  Virtual Clone Drive  5.4.x
  WinSCP  5.7.3
  Windows Essentials  2012
  Wireshark  1.12.4

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