JMU Computer Software, 2014-15

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Standard Class Specific JMU App
  Color Printer
  DivX Plus Codecs
  Google Chrome
  Google Earth
  Internet Explorer
  Microsoft Lync Client
  Microsoft Windows
  Office AddIn - Analysis Toolpack and Toolpack VBA
  Office AddIn - ClipArt
  Office AddIn - Microsoft Graph
  Office AddIn - Solver
  Plugin - Adobe Acrobat Reader
  Plugin - Adobe Flash Player
  Plugin - Adobe Shockwave Player
  Plugin - Java Runtime
  Plugin - Microsoft Silverlight
  Plugin - Quicktime Player
  Plugin - Windows Media Player
  Plugin - XviD
  Remote Desktop Client
  Second Life
  Text Wrangler
  The Unarchiver
  Trimble Sketchup Make
  Universal Extractor
  VLC Media Player
  Virtual Clone Drive
  Visual Studio .NET Express
  Windows Essentials
  Xcode Developer Tools
  iBooks Author
  Adobe 3D Reviewer
  Adobe Acrobat Professional
  Adobe Bridge
  Adobe Captivate
  Adobe Design Premium
  Adobe Design Standard
  Adobe Device Central
  Adobe Dreamweaver
  Adobe Fireworks
  Adobe Flash Professional
  Adobe FrameMaker
  Adobe Illustrator
  Adobe InDesign
  Adobe Media Encoder
  Adobe Photoshop
  Adobe RoboHelp
  Adobe SoundBooth
  Adobe Technical Communication Suite
  Adobe eLearning Suite
  AdventureWorks Databases
  Analytic Solver
  Dragon Dictate
  Dragon Naturally Speaking
  Final Cut Pro
  Font - (Adobe) Bauer Bodoni Std 1
  Font - (Adobe) ITC Lubalin Graph Std
  Font - Cavetto
  Font - DoulosSILR
  Font - FF Meta Volume 1 Frutiger
  Font - Frutiger
  Font - Maralade
  Font - Mary Helen
  Font - Modern No. 20
  Font - OfficinaSansStd-Bold
  Font - OfficinaSansStd-BoldItalic
  Font - OfficinaSansStd-Book
  Font - OfficinaSansStd-BookItalic
  Font - Perpetua
  Font - Snell roundhand
  Font - Universe
  FourWinds Content Manager
  FourWinds Content Player
  G95 FORTRAN Compiler
  Geometer's SketchPad
  Google Sketchup Pro
  HP 10BII Emulator
  ITC OpenType Fonts
  Inspire Data
  JAWS Screen Reader
  JDK with Netbeans
  Kurzweil 3000 Learnstation
  Kurzweil 3000 Professional (Color)
  LAME for Audacity
  Logic Studio
  MDID MediaViewer
  MathType Fonts
  Microsoft Project
  Microsoft Project Professional
  Microsoft SQL Business Intelligence Tools
  Microsoft Visio Professional
  Music Ace Maestro
  Office Addin - DrillToPIA
  Office Proofing Tools
  Oracle Client
  Pepper Fonts
  Pyware 3D
  QuestionMark Secure Browser
  Quicktime Pro
  Rosetta Stone - Arabic
  Rosetta Stone - Chinese
  Rosetta Stone - French
  Rosetta Stone - German Level 1
  Rosetta Stone - Italian
  Rosetta Stone - Italian 2
  Rosetta Stone - Russian
  Rosetta Stone - Spanish
  Rosetta Stone - Spanish 2
  Rosetta Stone - Swahili Level 1
  SMAD 202 iMovie Project
  SMART Notebook
  SPSS Modeler
  Type Light
  Vectorworks Spotlight
  WebEx Player/Recorder
  Windows Customized Language Settings
  ZoomText Xtra
  Camtasia Relay
  Microsoft Office
  Respondus Lockdown Browser
  iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand)

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