JMU Computer Labs, 2016-17 availability

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General Labs Specialized Labs Departmental Labs
Mac labs
  East Campus Library 1310 (Mac)
  Forbes 2137
  Harrison 103
  Hillside Mac
  Memorial 3245
  Moody 203
  Studio Center 219

PC labs
  Carrier 101
  Chandler 134
  East Campus Libary 1310 (PC)
  Festival 1120 (Drum 1st Floor)
  Forbes 1203
  Godwin 342
  Harrison 111
  Harrison 117
  Hillside PC
  Johnston J7
  Maury 203
  Memorial 7260 (ETMC)
  Miller 2101
  Showker 206-8
  Student Success Center Lobby
Mac labs
  Carrier 102 ATL (Mac)
  East Campus Library ATL 1204 (Mac)

PC labs
  Carrier 102 ATL (PC)
  Conference Rooms
  East Campus Library ATL 1204 (PC)
Mac labs
  Plecker 238 APC (Mac)

PC labs
  Burruss 030
  Burruss 355
  Career and Academic Planning
  Chandler 133
  Harrison 2245 (TSC)
  Harrison 2246 (TSC)
  Hillcrest B2 (Honors)
  ITTC 101 (IT Training)
  ITTC 111 (IT Training)
  Keezell 101 (Foreign Language)
  Keezell 103 (Language Learning
  Learning Centers
  Memorial 7215
  Miller G80
  Plecker 238 (APC Lab)
  Roop 127

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